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Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is situated east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and north of Saint Martin. It is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and luxury resorts.

The island was first inhabited by the Arawak people, and was later colonized by the English in 1650. The island has a rich history, with a mix of African, European and indigenous cultures. Anguilla was a major center for salt production and later became a major center for tourism.

Today, Anguilla is a popular tourist destination, known for its 33 beautiful beaches, such as Shoal Bay and Meads Bay, as well as its luxury resorts and fine dining. The island offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as snorkeling, diving, and fishing. The island is also home to several historic sites, including the Wallblake House, the oldest plantation house in the Caribbean.

The official language is English and the currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar. The island has a population of around 15,000 people. The capital and largest city is The Valley. The island is headed by a chief minister and a governor. It is a British overseas territory and the head of state is the British monarch.

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Anguilla has probably been inhabited by the Caribs since 1300 BC. The oldest remains of a settlement date from 600. The cave of Fountain Cavern contains petroglyphs. Sherds of pottery in the cave have been dated between 400 and 1200 AD.[4] Petroglyphs have also been found in a former cave at Big Spring near Island Harbor and are dated between 600 and 1200 AD.[5] The island is believed to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, but it is certain that the Frenchman Pierre Laudonnaire visited the island in 1565.

Anguilla is located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, north of Sint Maarten and is part of the Lesser Antilles. The island is flat and there is little vegetation to be found as the soil is quite poor.

Anguilla is part of the Anguilla Bank, a volcanic arc of which Saint-Barthélemy, Sint Maarten, and Anguilla form the visible main islands. The volcanoes were active 39 to 43 million years ago, and the island is the result of volcanic eruptions. It consists mainly of limestone, clastic rock and sand. The bank originally formed one island, but part of it has been submerged, and three main islands with many small islets and rocky outcrops remain.

The dry and infertile soil makes Anguilla unsuitable for agriculture. Fishing is an important part of the economy, but most food is imported. Tourism and offshore banking form the basis of the economy, and the country is known as a tax haven.[20][21] Anguilla has a large trade deficit. The majority of exports consist of products from the pharmaceutical industry. The largest trading partner is Chile for both imports and exports.[22] Tourism is important, but cruise ships are not welcome on Anguilla, and all beaches are public.[23][18]

Anguilla is served by the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport in The Valley, but it is an average sized airport.[24] In 2021, the airport was expanded to handle transatlantic flights.[25] Ferries depart from Blowing Point to Marigot and Philipsburg on Sint Maarten,[26] and most tourists use the ferry.[27] There is no public transport on the island,[20] and traffic drives on the left.

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